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About Future Cowboys and Cowgirls

We are a non- profit organization promoting family fun and good sportsmanship while teaching, learning and participating in the sport of rodeo.

The FCCRS is one of the longest running Junior rodeo groups. The FCCRS was founded in 1999 in Okotoks, Alberta by a group of dedicated rodeo enthusiasts with the desire to promote the development of sportsmanship, horsemanship, and character in our youth in Southern Alberta.

Our members are young rodeo athletes 18 years and younger. The association consists of members in four different age groups: Lead Line, 8-11, 9-11 (morning rodeo group), 12-18 (afternoon rodeo group). There are 5 different events held at each rodeo including: barrel racing, pole bending, goat tail in-tying and goat tying, breakaway dummy roping, breakaway and steer riding.

Latest News

Register Now

​ Please see the link below for the 2023/2024 FCCRS registration form and waiver. Additional information can be found on the membership tab. Please note, you will need to purchase your High River Ag Membership prior our first event/clinic or your children will not be permitted to participate.


Please follow the instructions for the e-signature at the end carefully. Once your signature is complete, do NOT add more than one signature when it asks if you'd like to do so. In the next popup box, click "copy" then "return to form" and then paste the link in the signature text box at the bottom. You will then be able to submit your finished form. 


You can fill out the registration form and waiver on your phone or computer, but we recommend using a computer.


We look forward to the upcoming season!

Buy High River Membership

Please note High River Ag Memberships MUST be purchased separately from their website and proof of membership is required to join FCC

New Events

Steer riding and Breakaway Roping 

Age Group Start Time

The age 9-11 athletes are now in the Morning  group.

AM: Leadline, 8 & under,9-11

Order of events for AM group: Barrels, Poles, Goats, Dummy Roping, Breakaway live calves

PM: 12-14,15 & over

Order of events for PM group: Dummy Roping, Breakaway live calves, Goats, Poles, Barrels, Steer riding.

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The team at Molly's is a joy to work with and always give us the best-quality buckles for our top cowgirls and cowboys at the year end awards.Check them out at

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