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Dummy Breakaway Roping

  1. There is only one (1) rope permitted and one (1) cast of that rope permitted.

  2. Ropes are to be tied to the saddle horn with four (4) pieces of heavy duty string, or one (1) piece of builders string line, and a bright cloth of dimensions 15cm x15cm must be attached to the end of the rope.

  3. Taping of ropes is permitted. Portion of rope folded must be fully taped with no coils to be permitted to be taped.
    a. The only legal catch is when the rope passes over the head and draws up around neck (head catch).
    b. The Flag Judge will flag the contestant when the flag breaks away from the saddle horn.

  4. Re-run rules as per “General Time Event Rules.” (Refer Page 369 Item 16).

  5. Breakaway Roping Disqualifications
    General Rules for Time Events
    The Judge’s Decision Is Final

  6. Illegal catch.

  7. Contestant will receive no time should she break the rope from the saddle horn by hand.

  8. Roping calf without releasing the rope from the contestant’s hand.

  9. All Standard Disqualification for “Time Events” apply (Refer Page 41).

    10. There are only three (3) legal head catches)
          • around the horns
          • around the neck
          • half head catch

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