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Event Rules

Lead-line, 8 years of age and under:

  • Pole bending

  • Barrel racing

  • Goat Tail Untying

  • Ground Roping

  • Dummy Breakaway Roping

  • Those who qualify breakaway roping

9 years of age and older:

  • Pole bending

  • Barrel racing

  • Goat Tying

  • Dummy Breakaway Roping

  • Breakaway

  • Steer ridng

We try to follow National Highschool Rodeo Association (NHRA) Rules as closely as possible. Click on one of the events below to learn more *CLICK HERE FOR RULE BOOK*

Barrel Racing

Dummy Breakaway Roping

Pole Bending


Goat Tying

Steer Riding 

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